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Corporate video – for Migros Aare visions

A corporate video for Migros Aare. The corporate video project for Migros Aare was run in cooperation with Villard, the agency that supervised the actual project at Migros. It was about merging two departments, IT and logistics. In this context, a one-week strategy workshop was held at Migros Aare, in which the visions and goals for the future were defined. Result? A corporate video was to be produced to visualise these results – and of course we were on it immediately.

The Task

The vision that we were to convey in this corporate video was divided into various topics, all of which were important for Migros. First and foremost is the customer, who alway is, and will be, the central focus. The corporate video was to convey the message of the desire to fulfil all one’s wishes, and face technical challenges in customer relations. Employees are the second elementary pillar. They are to be supported by technical innovations; machines should make everyday work easier and more efficient. And finally, this leads to the third pillar presented in the corporate video – innovation. Migros wants to break new ground to keep up with changing customer needs.

The Solution

Every vision and every goal was represented as an apple. Starting from an apple tree, each idea was shown and explained with a matching icon in an apple. The tree, as a solid element from which each new vision emanates, stands for the strong base that bears fruit. Visions and ideas are therefore fruits that can ripen. At Cleverclip we were entrusted with the implementation of the corporate video; idea creation was done by Villard. In this corporate film, Migros is clearly committed to its ecological responsibility to a sustainable future. Smart data is nothing new for Migros, but will be used more intelligently in the future. This is how individualised proposals are to be submitted to customers. Collaboration is the last fruit of the vision we describe in the corporate video. Migros wants to strengthen cooperation along the value chain. Teamwork is clearly the focus here, and the work processes should all interlock and ensure a clear, efficient and smooth process.

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