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Cooperation with the Federal Office of Energy – Video for the school and adventure train

An explanatory video for SBB – with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. SBB has found a way to introduce more than 18,000 students to the topic of fossil energy and renewable energies with the school and adventure train. This interactive learning tool offers opportunities to actively experience the subject – for example, visitors can use pedals to generate energy in a car to make popcorn. The second part of the train is where we at Cleverclip come into play, with an explanatory video which will educate students about fossil and renewable energies. So far, this undertaking was conveyed by a moderator – now there is our explanatory video to watch.

The Task

The aim of the video, which was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, was to sensitise students to the topic of fossil fuels and renewable energies.

The Solution

The big challenge for us was the project’s target group, which included both younger students and those in the middle of puberty. In the case of the latter, there is a predisposition that the issue is that they sometimes lack interest. We have solved this with extensive user testing. Well-known teenagers, children from dance schools, customer contacts, and many more, have given us the opportunity to receive open feedback from different age groups. That way, we were able to ensure that we developed and refined a storyboard that appeals to children and adolescents of different ages.

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