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Content Marketing – More reach for the newsletter from Gründerszene

Increased readership of Gründerszene’s newsletter: content marketing. It’s all about reach. And to gain reach, you need content marketing. Today’s media world wants clicks, unique visitors, shares, retweets, and likes in order to bring their content to the people. This requires a bit of self-promotion. The online magazine Gründerszene has to play by these rules too. It wants its newsletter, which is sent daily to its subscribers at 1:00 PM, to get more reach. Its content marketing needs some freshening up.

The Task

This German company wanted us to make several videos for their own content marketing use. One example: a short video that promotes its weekday, 1:00 PM newsletter service. Not an easy task, because although content marketing is the name of the game, the clip needed to work on social media as well. That meant no text and no voiceover. And it needed be short as well. And visually appealing. And convey all the important information in a way that’s easily understandable. Hmm. Content marketing par excellence, then. We put on our thinking caps and did some serious brainstorming. We actually have quite a bit of experience with content marketing. Nights pass, days pass…

All fun aside – we defined the following questions as crucial. Who reads Gründerszene magazine? How long does it take to read the newsletter? And what is one doing on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM? Answer #1: People from the (larger) startup scene. Answer #2: A few minutes. Answer #3: Coffee break!

The Solution

We chose a simple, animated style for our project. Our visuals were icons in motion, representing an environment: first, an office workspace – with desk and laptop. Then, when the clock strikes 1:00 and it’s time for the newsletter, we move to a coffeehouse. To symbolize how little time is needed to catch up on things through the Gründerszene email, both doughnut and coffee both get smaller with each swipe.

The video is rounded out with a simple slogan which underscores the video’s message once again and delivers a call to action: “Learn the latest news from the tech and startup scene over your coffee break. Subscribe to the Gründerszene Newsletter now.” Just what quality content needs: a neat video for content marketing.

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