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Commitment for more humanity – A project for the SRK

The Swiss Red Cross is committed to helping the weakest members of our society. With its Strategy 2030, it is focusing on new strategic directions to achieve the desired goals. We had the opportunity to support the SRC with an exciting illustration and a series of explainer videos.

What is the SRK?

The Swiss Red Cross SRC is the most important humanitarian organization in Switzerland and strives to prevent and alleviate human suffering in Switzerland and abroad. Since its foundation in 1866, it has been protecting the health, life and dignity of people and promoting their ability to help themselves and others. The SRC is active in three areas: search, rescue and disaster relief; health and support in everyday life; and integration and migration. The SRC Strategy 2030 shows the areas in which the SRC and all Red Cross organizations would like to make a special commitment over the next 10 years to ensure its goals can be achieved.

The challenge

The SRC works with many volunteers, but also with permanent employees in different fields of work and at different locations. The target audience of the Strategy 2030 is therefore broad – from young to old and with different levels of knowledge. 

Therefore, we had to make sure that we present all fields of work in an easily understandable way, but that the information is not overwhelming at the same time. Additionally, we wanted to maintain our usual design quality and create an appealing experience for all representatives of the target group. The project manager and creative team quickly realized that all needs could not be met with just one product… .

The solution

For an interactive page of the SRK, we first created a colorful illustration of a “SRK world”, which gives the user more information about the individual areas of application. The user can move the mouse pointer over the different areas individually and decide for himself which areas he wants to know more about. This way a lot of information could be accommodated without appearing as overwhelming on the page. The target group can access the interactive webpage online via a link as well as offline via a QR code.

In addition, we have created four explainer videos, both for internal members of the SRC and external interested parties who would like to learn more about the Strategy 2030. The goal was also to show why the Strategy 2030 is important to each and every one of us. We deliberately chose the classic whiteboard animation for the videos in order to communicate the already complex and multi-layered information in a simplified but entertaining way.

The customer has given us positive feedback on our results. And if the customer is happy, we are even more happy! We appreciate the pleasant cooperation and wish the SRC continued success in its active commitment. 

"The communication was flawless, fast and always tailored to our needs. We are very glad about the impressive final result".

Irina Sterchi SRK Marketing Manager

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