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Cloud readiness explained with an Infographic

How to become a cloud hero – an infographic.

Business Network Communications AG, BNC, offers customized cloud solutions tailored to the diverse needs of their customers. Our task was to use an infographic to show how the way to the cloud can succeed. This is only possible with a multi-level process, which we should also include in the infographic.

The Task

The way to the cloud is divided into different steps. From the mandate phase to the operational and optimization phase, there are various challenges and obstacles to overcome. This process should be presented in an infographic clear and understandable, but at the same time emotionally and visually appealing.

The Solution

The result is a cloud hero who, together with his partner, dares to tackle the journey to the cloud. From the analysis phase, through the right choice of costume – so the appropriate provider – to the pilot phase, we have shown all the necessary steps in a creative way and with the necessary portion of emotion. And that explains how to make the right decisions step by step, so that the way to the cloud can take place safely and without problems.

The infographic is part of a comprehensive campaign that picks up the customer during the mandate phase. Therefore, we have also produced a craft arc of the Cloud Hero, which is the customer as an emotional companion to the side.

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