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Cleverclip for CLEVER SCREEN – A simple solution for the production of screen printing stencils

CLEVER SCREEN is designed to automate and simplify the manufacturing process of a screen printing stencil. We have illustrated exactly how this works in an explanatory video. The protagonist: a talking stencil that guides the viewer through the individual modules.

Grünig, SignTronic and screen printing

To whom does the classic screen printing mean something? Screen printing is a printing process in which each color of the printed motif is printed individually, one after the other, onto the material. Since each color is applied individually through a close-meshed screen, a printing stencil of the motif must be created for each color. Compared to digital printing, screen printing offers greater flexibility, better quality and longer durability. Nevertheless, it is of course a more complex process. And this is where CLEVER SCREEN comes in.
The two Swiss companies Grünig-Interscreen AG and SignTronic AG, have completely automated the production of screen printing stencils with CLEVER SCREEN – from coating and exposure to washing and drying.

The challenge

The project presented many challenges. First and foremost, it was not so easy for us to understand the process at first. After all, it is a complex and technical topic in which we had no experience. Explaining the process in a short video and with a bit of storytelling was therefore not an easy task.

At the beginning, we had tried to integrate the entire process and all its details into the storyboard. However, we quickly realized that it was too extensive.

Together with the customer, we then decided to create a reduced version and to emphasize only the essential steps in the video. Of course, it was still important that certain information was not missing and that the viewer understood the principle.


The solution

Who is better suited to explain the complex procedure of the fully automated screen production process than the screen itself? For this reason, we created a character in the form of a sieve that accompanies the viewer on a journey through the entire process.

For this purpose, we took out individual modules of the process and thus vividly explained the most important points. The character also allows us to address the customer in a personal and emotional way – and that is particularly important with such a complex topic. Because with a pinch of humor and a little sympathy, even technical topics are made easily accessible to everyone.


In the video, everything was brought to the point. We have already received positive feedback and say thank you! The Cleverclip team has completed the task 100% and now one more very satisfied customer.

Andreas Ferndriger Marketing Director / CEO Grünig-Interscreen AG / SignTronic AG

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