Zwei Menschen fliegen in einem Auto einer Fahrschule umher

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BLINK – the modern driving school for the modern times

If you want to drive a car or motorcycle, you also need to know how to do it. This rule has been around since vehicles have existed. With BLINK, the whole process of learning to drive finally arrives in our time. For this endeavor, we were allowed to create two explainer videos.

The Challenge

The first challenge was the all-round aspect that we had to meet. This means that BLINK brings learning to drive into the modern age and we had to explain this to driving instructors on the one hand, but also to learner drivers. These are two quite different target groups that had to receive the same message with different arguments.

Another challenge was time management with our chosen style. The textures and 2.5D animations are demanding and time consuming to make sure they meet our quality standards.

Zwei Menschen sitzen in einem Auto der Fahrschule BLINK und fahren herum.
Zwei römische Soldaten fahren in einem Flintstoneauto von einer wütenden Menge römischer Soldaten davon.

The Solution

We approached the different target groups in the respective storyline. For learners, for example, we focused on a humorous intro that makes them want to keep watching. Then we used arguments such as simplicity and flexibility with the smartphone app to address specific needs.

For driving instructors, we took a different storyline approach and addressed potential problems without BLINK in the intro. This way, we picked up the viewers right at the beginning. In the rest of the video, we highlighted the benefits of BLINK as an employer with solutions to the previous problems.

Since we used the same style for both videos, our visual artists and motion designers became more efficient over time and were finally able to present a fantastic final result.

Zwei Menschen fahren in einem Flintstoneauto in einer prähistorischen Welt umher.
Ein Mann mit Brille ist ganz entspannt unter Palmen.


BLINK is an emerging Swiss large-scale driving school with the goal of bringing learning to drive into our modern world. To tackle this revolution of the driving school industry, they rely on the latest technological possibilities. BLINK benefits learner drivers but also driving instructors at the same time.

Jemand liegt im Bett und hält sein Smartphone in der Hand.

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