Schiff mit Unternehmensvision, um Strategiekommunikation anzukurbeln.

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Bad Zurzach – Vision 2030: A future in which all people live healthy

The Health Promotion Foundation Bad Zurzach and Baden, the RehaClinic Group and the thermal baths all come from the same source. However, until now all areas have been operating individually from each other. This should change with the Vision 2030. To meet the challenges, the foundation wanted to use modern communications to convince and bring employees on board – and this is where Cleverclip came into play.

Services: Web design, illustration, development

The challenge

Before we could plunge into the creativity of the project, we had to answer a few questions as well as prepare the whole concept. It was particularly important to the customer that the end result conveys the vision clearly and precisely. The entire visualization should therefore be structured and simple. 

This was not that easy, because the foundation covers a wide range of different areas. Different areas and different target groups. There are the doctors, the nursing staff, CEOs but also trainees and employees from technical departments. And of course, it should also guarantee an exciting user experience. This means that individual outstanding elements should not be missing.

So we needed something simple, yet not too abstract, clear, but for different ages and target groups with different interests and all packed into an appealing user experience. Oh, we just love challenges!

The solution

Together. Clear. Creative – that is Bad Zurzach’s maxim, which is also in harmony with our final result. On an exciting microsite with an explainer video and a vivid interactive information graphic, the Vision 2030 is being summarized in a clear, understandable and creative way for everyone. The motto: Every river has the same source. 

The explainer video is intended to simplify the introduction to the topic and create an understanding of the collaboration and the vision. We have deliberately decided to use a 2D character animation. The human being and his health is the focus of the strategy and this should be shown in the video and the illustration. 

The colorful design creates a positive ambiance and enables employees to identify more easily with the vision. Of course, it should also captivate the viewer. So we brought the whole illustration to life and made it interactive. This way, visitors can explore the future by themselves from all three perspectives. To ensure that the PC grouches are not excluded, we have also created print templates for information graphics and flyers from the interactive illustration, which employees can comfortably view offline.

All in all, with the microsite we were able to show exactly what will change for the employees and most importantly: convince them of the vision. The customer was happy with the result and delighted that we were able to complete such a complex project in such a short time.

About the Bad Zurzach Foundation

The foundation Health Promotion Bad Zurzach and Baden aims at the non-profit operation of rehabilitation clinics, outpatient clinics and other institutions and facilities serving health and well-being. With the Vision 2030, the foundation wants to unite the different business areas and all together head for a new era of health. 

It was an elaborate project within a relatively short time frame. However we are all really excited that we all mastered it successfully and that the customer likes our final result.

Fabienne Project manager

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