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Andermatt Biocontrol – A visual journey into agriculture

A biological insecticide to protect our food and environment – that’s the goal of Andermatt Biocontrol. For a successful communication to the consumer it was our task to create an exciting explainer video, which takes the viewer on a visual journey into agriculture.

Who is Andermatt Biocontrol?

Andermatt Biocontrol is an agricultural company that produces various biological crop protection solutions. The goal of the Andermatt Group is to provide meaningful biological alternatives to conventional chemical-synthetic agents – for healthy food and a healthy environment.

The challenge

The aim of the explainer video was on the one hand to show society why exactly biological crop protection solutions are better and more effective than chemical ones. On the other hand, to convince consumers to switch to them. So far so good. To communicate this as clearly as possible to the target group, we first had to understand the advantages of these products and how they work. This was not that easy, because crop protection solutions and agriculture are not exactly our area of expertise. We were therefore enormously dependent on the input of the customer at the start, but we were able to quickly relate to the topic and give free rein to our creativity.

Our first proposed solution was a superhero story, but it was not quite in line with the customer’s wishes. So we had to rethink quickly, approach the topic more directly and come up with a new proposal. And we succeeded in doing so…

The solution

The result is a colorful 2D character animation video, which directly explains the advantages of the product in a vivid and easy to understand scenario. First of all, the conventional problems caused by pesticides are explained. Then the video explains how the biological product can help: Without leaving any residues, the organic insecticide is safe for other organisms and still provides maximum protection against pests. The whole setting takes the viewer on a visual journey, making the subject matter easily accessible even to laymen.

Also in this project we had to learn that customer feedback is always in the foreground and a project can only be successful for us if the customer likes it 100%. Therefore we had to change our thinking quickly when we first had the idea and come up with a short-term alternative. In the end we received very good feedback and are looking forward to another exciting project soon. On this note, we would like to thank Andermatt Biocontrol once again for their cooperation.

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