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An interactive manual for Swisscom

Responding to individual customer needs – with an interactive manual.

We have produced an interactive manual for Swisscom, which accompanies customers step by step in the installation of hardware and supports them where they need it. Goodbye boring, gray manuals, Hello interactivity and design.

The Task

Read through pages long manuals, many of us have either no time or simply no desire. Why? They are often produced cheaply, visually not very appealing and the important information is only cumbersome. The Swisscom call center knows that 60% of hardware calls are redundant – although the answers or manuals could be found in the manuals. So the goal was to find a way to explain to customers how to install hardware products so that they can understand it and easily implement it themselves – fast, clear, and visually appealing.

The Solution

A digital handbook that explains, step-by-step, how to install a hardware, in an appealing way. That was the idea. Customers should be helped in a simple yet fun way with an installation. The result is an interactive manual that creates 100% positive experiences at the first contact by identifying individual customer needs and providing support in case of problems. A manual for perfect customer satisfaction. Watch the complete video for the interactive manual here.

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