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An interactive landing page for our new podcast format

With “CCTalks – The Cleverclip Podcast” we have brought a new exciting format among our content initiatives. To capture it all visually, we created an interactive landing page with moving collage elements. But let’s start from the beginning…

What is CCTalks?

We love explaining things and being creative. And so we thought about what exciting new content format we could use to combine exactly that. It should offer our target group added value and at the same time be compact enough not to steal too much time. Voilà…the result is “CCTalks -The Cleverclip Podcast”.

Once a quarter we want to report on exciting business and design topics and clarify complex questions, give tips, and offer an interactive and entertaining discussion. For this purpose, we have brought a professional speaker on board and at the same time invite exciting experts who can demonstrate their know-how.

Of course, the whole thing should also be captured visually. And this is exactly what we created the interactive landing page for. The viewer gets all the important information about the podcast and can listen to the latest episodes directly. Click here to check it out.

The challenge

We wanted to convince on a creative level with our landing page. Of course, not everything went smoothly from the start – that would be boring. First of all, we had to find the balance between creativity and targeted information transfer.  We definitely wanted our page to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time the landing page shouldn’t be too lush, otherwise, it would lose its actual purpose.

Then there were the technical aspects. Just like our social media campaign, the information on the landing page should be revealed only gradually and resemble a kind of teaser with a countdown. So we had to rethink a bit and come up with a solution to update the page gradually. All of this, of course, under a lot of time pressure, as the launch was getting closer and closer. But that was not to be all. Because as it sometimes happens, shortly before the launch we noticed a bug in the coding – at least not all elements worked as we wanted them to. Now it was time to put our creative heads together and quickly find a solution.

The solution

After some collaborative voting among the team, we finally decided to go with the collage style – namely, it allows us to customize each episode to specific speakers, but at the same time gives us a lot of creative freedom design-wise. The landing page was tested with different users so we could really make sure it was user-friendly. When you open the page, your eye is immediately drawn to the moving collage elements and the asymmetrical-looking font. It was really important to us at this point to adopt a completely individual style, which nevertheless does not negatively affect readability.

The user can listen to the episodes directly on the site or choose the preferred platform. He also has the possibility to receive regular updates via a registration form. Fortunately, we were also able to solve the technical aspects. Thanks to the iterative approach, we managed to isolate a specific code that caused the bugs and were able to fix any errors.

We at Cleverclip are very happy with our result. It was a great challenge with a completely new style and a visually appealing result.

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