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An individualized e-learning app for Swisscom

How do you explain to employees what agility means?

Like many other companies, Swisscom is doing the same. Every day she is confronted with complex issues that must be explained to employees quickly and efficiently. In this case, it was about agility – but what exactly is that, what does agile work mean and how is it dealt with at Swisscom? In order to provide employees with entertaining and appealing answers to these questions, we have produced an individual e-learning app for them.

The Task

How can a complex topic be explained to Swisscom employees? In such a way that they can acquire new knowledge in a playful and entertaining way? A simple explanatory video was out of the question for the wealth of information to be conveyed. Therefore, it was up to us to find a way to make this diversity of new knowledge appealing.

The Solution

The idea was quickly found: with an individualized app, we wanted to introduce the topic of agility to Swisscom employees. The goal was that the users of the app can deal with the topic quite simply and playfully. When and where they want and without the feeling of having to work or learn. Employees log in with their Swisscom e-mail address and get a first impression of what awaits them in an intro.

So that the employees do not always have to spend hours with the app, the learning content is divided into individual units – so-called nuggets. These nuggets provide a learning path that leads through the various individual chapters. Each nugget contains new knowledge for the users, which is conveyed to them in an entertaining way.

In the overview, employees can access the existing courses and see their successes so far. Because so that the learning success can be checked immediately and the users always remain motivated, each chapter concludes with a quiz. If the questions are answered correctly, the reward is a trophy. But also endurance and learning over several days will be rewarded with a badge.

Once all the chapters have been played through with all the quizzes, the final big master quiz follows as a conclusion. This is followed by more demanding questions from all the chapters that have to be answered within a certain time.

With the e-learning app for Swisscom, we have found a way for employees to be able to explain a complex topic quickly, efficiently and entertainingly – without them feeling that they have to make an effort. For us, this project for Swisscom was the beginning of our production of e-learning apps – and we can hardly wait to convey more exciting topics as apps.

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