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An explanatory video for the deployment of the SDC in the field of health

The SDC wanted to present various topics concisely and entertainingly on its website. The SDC decided to produce short explanatory videos, each of which presented the most important aspects of the respective topic.

In order to present the work of the SDC in as much detail and comprehensively as possible, small project examples should also be included. A first film presented the topic of health. It shows to what extent the SDC is involved in the health sector worldwide. In order to give the topic the necessary portion of emotion, we worked on the basis of a concrete example: The video accompanies the pregnant Awa, who is constantly exposed to the risk of contracting malaria.

"It was interesting to have the opportunity to approach such a serious topic with a playful style. It was hard at first to find the right balance, but it was worth it."

Alejandro Motion Designer

The Task

The SDC covers twelve thematic areas, including health, migration, and governance. In order to be able to quickly and easily enter the various subjects during presentations and to provide an appealing overview of the topics on the website, several three- to five-minute explanatory videos were to be produced.

A first challenge was therefore to address a very broad target group. The production was to take place in four different languages: German, French, Italian and English. The topic of health was the first to be addressed. Health is a human right – access to medical care and the prerequisites for a healthy lifestyle should be available to everyone.

The SDC is committed to implementing this human right locally, nationally and globally through various programmes. Our task now was to present these circumstances in a comprehensive and appealing video and also to show where and how the SDC offers support. It was one of the SDC’s great wishes that the contents should be hung up on specific, easily understandable examples.

The Solution

In order to appeal to the broad target group, we have, as always, dedicated ourselves first to creating a persona. This ideal type of the target group has developed into Nico, a 34-year-old bank employee. Nico

After an initial concept phase, in which the style for the videos was created, we approached a concrete story: Together with the SDC, the story of the pregnant Awa was created. The style of the video is minimalist and accessible. The characters radiate sympathy and also help to ensure that as many people as possible can identify with the target group.

Awa deals with questions such as how she can best protect herself and her baby, or which problems the previous medicines bring with them. This is precisely where the SDC comes in: it supports the research and production process of new medicines, among other things. This also enables people living in poverty to have access to the new products. Awa is happy at the end of the video – and in an emotional and informative story it was possible to tell how the SDC is helping and where it is taking action.

The video on health is one of a series of several copies. We are sure that working with the SDC has always been, is and will always be a real pleasure!

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