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An animated film for Bernese health

Mental health explained in 10 steps.

Mental health - such an important issue that is still under-spoken. The Berne Health Foundation wanted to counteract this and put mental health into focus with a three-minute animated film. Especially populations that receive little information on this topic, should address the video: these are, for example, the migrant population, or even socio-economically disadvantaged people.

The Task

An explanatory video that communicates the 10 steps to mental health in a simple and memorable way with emotional and impressive animations – that was the task. Different perspectives should be taken into account: The perspective of people with a migrant background, but also of mothers, fathers, employees and the elderly should be represented. In order for the explanatory video to be understood safely and perfectly by all target groups, it was produced in German, Spanish, French, English, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish.

The Solution

In order to unite all the perspectives, we created a story with characters, with which as many target groups as possible can be identified – lovable characters with a lot of charisma. With these characters, we were able to wrap the 10 steps to mental health into little stories: the characters rest in the park, meditate, play the guitar, live out their creative talents, interact in a group or deal with their own strengths – and if The negative feelings can not be stopped, they ask a trusted person for help.

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