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ads&figures – Branding with measurable success

Online marketing is absolutely trendy and the facts prove that you cannot close yourself off to the digital world. How effective one’s own branding is can usually not be answered so quickly. ads&figures tackles this problem and makes branding with measurable success. We were allowed to capture this offer in an explanatory video and a social media teaser.

The Challenge

Branding often has problems proving its value because it is difficult to measure. Many companies offer branding measures and argue that they are not measurable and therefore you have to rely on the experience of the company. What they promise and ultimately deliver is not always equivalent, which is why a certain scepticism has become ingrained. We have to replace this scepticism with trust.

The sound, the speaking voice and the design have to reinforce the trust. This can only happen if they are coordinated with each other and deliver just the right basic mood that illustrates seriousness and competence.

The Solution

We approached the transformation of scepticism into trust with the classic: Facts. Scepticism arises mainly from ambiguity, so our primary goal was to present ads&figures’ offer in a clear and understandable way. With the slogan “We make measurable success” and the simple process, we created trust step by step.

The content had to be supported by sound, voice and design. We decided on an abstract design to focus on the topic of data and analysis. The interaction with the sound design created a competent environment to convince the audience. The final part of this symbiosis was the speaking voice. Not obtrusive and yet emphasised, the speaker lends the video the appropriate positive attitude.

About ads&figures

Young, motivated and digital – that’s the digital agency ads&figures from Bern. It supports its clients from consulting to implementation in the areas of data & digital analytics, digital marketing and strategy & consulting. Their goal: to boost digital communication and promote digital transformation.

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