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Action Christkind – Christmas card and conducting example for the post

How the post with the “action Christkind” Santa Claus plays. Each year, the Post receives countless letters addressed to Santa Claus or the Christ Child. In order not to completely burst the dreams of the little ones, the “Action Christkind” was created. And this year we too were allowed to be part of it.

The Task

Dear Santa. I would like a turquoise blue bicycle and a pair of pink shoes. Both with flowers. Such and many other lines full of wishes come in the mail at Christmas, addressed to the one who should fulfill these from the point of view of the children. Swiss Post has set itself the task of not leaving these many letters unanswered. Originating from the French-speaking tradition of “Père Noël”, “Aktion Christkind” enjoys a decade-long tradition and is used by tens of thousands of children every year. This year, Swiss Post asked us to help them with their project.

The Solution

For the Christmas Action 2018, the children will receive as a gift a circuit example with dice and six figures. The game will be sent along with a card and a Christmas story. The action is a sponsorship commitment under the pillar “social responsibility”. Thus, Swiss Post shows that it takes its social, social and environmental responsibility. The Christmas story was written by them internally, we from Cleverclip were allowed to take over the design of the gifts – and we very much hope that this was not the last time!

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