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A video shows how Hospush improves hospitalization a little

Hospush as support during the hospital stay – for patients and hospitals

A hospital stay does not have to be boring or even intimidating – at least not with Hospush.

The hospital stay with Hospush becomes a little more pleasant by entertainment possibilities and the maintenance personnel can react with few Klicks much faster and simpler.

We were allowed to explain how Hospush works and how both sides – the patients and the hospital – can benefit from it. And with an explanatory video.

The Task

“Hos… what?” We introduce the company in more detail 

Hospush offers an IT infrastructure for hospitals and care facilities, or to put it another way, for the layperson: one tablet, several apps and a lot of fun.

Both sides, the nursing staff, and the patients should benefit, because, on the one hand, Hospush enables a smooth communication, on the other hand, each tablet is individually adapted to the patient: All favourite apps, a wide range of entertainment and other important functions are available – all in over 10 languages.

Hospush and Cleverclip

How do we make a stay in hospital as pleasant as possible?

That was just one of the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning. Before we could jump into the creativity of videography, we first had to define precise criteria: From the determination of the target group to the exact graphic visualization – the concept had to be clearly thought through.

Our target person is enthusiastic about innovations and new apps that can make everyday life easier. It is a little formal. A little casual. So far so good. Now it was about convincing the audience and gaining credibility.

The Solution

Amelia and Selina

It was especially important for us to address the emotional level of the viewer through good storytelling. After all, the audience should be able to identify with the idea and, above all, be aware that Hospush can make a positive contribution to well-being.

And this is exactly what we have achieved – with the patients Amelia and Selina. With the sympathetic characters, we have shown with concrete examples what Hospush can do. So that the spectators can convince themselves directly, we also focused on pleasant colors and a flowing story.

Thanks to a short explanatory video, it was not only possible to quickly illustrate all services, but above all also how the hospital stay can be at least a little sweetened.

"It was incredibly fun to try to show all the advantages of HosPush and imagine the whole thing as a journey. I'm very happy with the end result because the app and its benefits are clear and easy to understand - and the rhythm and wealth of content is balanced and results in a pleasant video."

Bea Visual artist

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