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A digital video for Deutsche Bahn

The lean philosophy for the employees of the Deutsche Bahn explains. We presented the lean philosophy as a common basis of Deutsche Bahn to the employees in an appealing and emotional way. The focus is on the indispensable cooperation of all actors.

The Task

New technologies, market changes and other events are moving the working world. Deutsche Bahn is also confronted with this – and reacts. With the lean philosophy. But implementing them is not easy. With a digital video, the employees should be brought closer to the changes and above all, what this ultimately brings the customer benefits.

The Solution

In a digital video we explained how Deutsche Bahn reacts to changes in the world of work. The Lean philosophy of Deutsche Bahn should be lived by all employees. New patterns of thinking and approaches are essential. In order for the end users to be able to find and identify themselves in the video, the video was made tangible with practical examples based on the characters of Tom and Mark.

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