Our Clients

Our clients come to us because they need help in explaining a complex product or complicated process. We’re proud to have earned the trust of so many. It’s what pushes us to keep going.

"We appreciate the consistent and creative implementation competence, target-oriented and focused on the essentials.
Cleverclip's flexible way of thinking enables us to present our highly complex content in a simple and understandable way."

Francine Thurnher Head of Communications

“Doing business with Cleverclip was better than I ever could have expected. Pragmatic and straightforward at all times. A big thank you to the whole team!”

Olivier Ferrilli Product Manager

"Thanks to a fantastic explanatory video from Cleverclip we were able to explain an internal project in a nice and easy way."

Julie-Ann Trachsel Projektmitarbeiterin Strategische

"Cleverclip has put our core messages in the limelight with crisp explanatory videos. The team understood our requirements right away and incorporated our ideas well (...). Keep up the good work!"

Yves Farine Product Owner for Web

Dump The Trump

We at Cleverclip are all very interested in political events - which is the first reason why we produced "Dump The Trump". The second reason - hand on heart - was a little bit of PR on our own behalf. The idea came up relatively quickly: a card game called "Dump The Trump".

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The perfect interaction of sales and marketing in a company is not always easy. This is exactly where Isolutions helps: With a CRM solution that helps the company better understand its customers. However, the video should not focus on the cooperation between sales and marketing or the CRM solution.

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Digital change. What does that mean? What can we do? What opportunities are there for our company? BNC wanted to explain what digital transformation is about and why they are the right partner for IT infrastructure solutions. Why did we come into play? Because they wanted to explain the whole thing to the man with an explanation video. Said, done.

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On behalf of GIZ, we explained the project to combat serious crime in the Western Balkans by means of a video and a presentation for various purposes and target groups. The project was implemented by the GIZ, the Italian Ministry of the Interior (IMoI) and the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) from January 2018 to December 2019 with the Ministries of Justice, Ministries of the Interior, Public Prosecutor's Offices, Offices and the Police as partner institutions.

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In order to present the work of the SDC in as much detail and comprehensively as possible, small project examples should also be consulted. The first film presented the topic of health. It shows to what extent the SDC is involved in the health sector worldwide. In order to give the topic the necessary portion of emotion, we worked on the basis of a concrete example: The video accompanies the pregnant Awa, who is constantly exposed to the risk of contracting malaria.

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A hospital stay does not have to be boring or even intimidating - at least not with Hospush. Entertainment makes the hospital stay with Hospush a little more pleasant and the nursing staff can react much faster and easier with just a few clicks. We were able to explain how Hospush works and how both sides - the patients and the hospital - can benefit from it. And with an explanatory video.

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Xing should be introduced to potential new members, the image positively charged and their market entry in Switzerland accompanied. We made it our business to increase the awareness of Xing in Switzerland and to present it as an easy-to-use tool. The result is a stop motion video that captivates with its extraordinary design.

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Swisscontact celebrated its 60th birthday - this should be celebrated duly. And what's the best way to do that? With many, many emotions. And that resulted in a very special video for us.
Historically significant moments should be presented and explained in a sympathetic and captivating way. The aim was to create a retrospective that lives from facts and figures as well as emotions.

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What do our clients say?

"The agency is very well suited for explaining complex topics with the help of simple explanatory videos. Working with Rahel was a lot of fun. Step by step, with their help, we were able to conjure up understandable videos for everyone."

Seraina Branschi Responsible for Communication at SEF4KMU

"Cleverclip is professional, efficient and goal-oriented. Our wishes and instructions were taken seriously and yet the explanatory video specialists have not lost sight of the big picture. An incredible experience, which resulted in a very beautiful and exciting result."

Christoph Leibundgut Manager at Interlaken Tourismus

"We are one of the Major Railway Companies in Switzerland. Cleverclip supported us excellently in creating an explanatory video. The young team is very competent and proactive. I look forward to the next joint project. Thank you Cleverclip!"

Jochen Holzfeind Head of Track Asset Management at SBB

"I was able to handle our project with the pleasant, highly professional and very goal-focused Cleverclip people. The result exceeded my expectations. And all this within the agreed budget and deadline. Bravo Cleverclip!"

Bruno Ruesch Head of Marketing Communications at MÜLLER-STEINAG

Making the world a bit simpler

We get it, the competition is fierce and there are always cheaper options out there. But there is a reason why our clients stick with us project after project, year after year. We pride ourselves on quality, we don't give up, and we challenge them. So, whether we create an explainer video, infographic, graphic recording or some interactive content, we can always get to the heart of what our customers want to say.

How emotion can be used to market packaging material

Industry: B2b
Client: TPL (Transparent Paper Ltd.)

TPL (Transparent Paper Ltd.) manufactures materials for packaging and is a leading supplier of polyester and nylon films, which are materials that are sold to packaging manufacturers. TPL has been expanding its range for several years and wanted to demonstrate the efficacy of both its proven and new types of packaging to its target audience with the use of emotion. We took on this challenge – and then mastered it – with the help of two protagonists we created: Simon and Paul.

These two sympathetic characters were presented in a playful and colorful style to help create a world that demonstrates and explains the complexity of different packaging films. The film explains the individual advantages of each material, as well as the positive aspects of using different combinations. The explainer video, which presents the foundation of TPL’s marketing strategy, is a self-contained story. Since then, Simon and Paul have again been out and about, making appearances for TPL on drinking bottles and as giveaways at trade shows.

Across industries, from big to small.

We understand that complexity hits every type of business, from big to small, in every type of industry.

How to become a cloud hero - an infographic. Business Network Communications AG, BNC, offers customized cloud solutions tailored to the diverse needs of their customers. Our task was to use an infographic to show how the way to the cloud can succeed. This is only possible with a multi-level…
How do you explain to employees what agility means? Like many other companies, Swisscom is doing the same. Every day she is confronted with complex issues that must be explained to employees quickly and efficiently. In this case, it was about agility - but what exactly is that, what does…
Finding the right mortgage advisor - not that easy in such a saturated market. And this is exactly where the "Valuu" App comes into play. With the help of an explainer video and in collaboration with Wirz Communications, we had the honour of explaining this mortgage platform from PostFinance in…

Each project, a unique solution

Mouth-watering illustrations, rich infographics, compelling whiteboard animations, complex data visualizations, graphic facilitation for live events, a new simplified structure for an important presentation. Whatever your project is, it deserves a unique solution. That way, we will always match our clients' expectations for success and deliver a return on investment.

Hidden object, short animation and typographic advertisements. With the launch of the new news portals of the Luzerner Zeitung and the St.Galler Tagblatt, a campaign was launched which should clearly show that quality has its price. Regional and current reporting, quality journalism and exclusive content for the Eastern and Central…
Visual support through a graphic recording. The Innovation Day 2018 was supported live by our graphic recorder with her visual skills. The result is a whole day - summed up in one picture. The task: On September 20, around 220 customers and interested parties were invited to the Innovation Day…
Muda, or how to work efficiently. Muda – it’s Japanese, and literally means “change for better”. Because we at Cleverclip credit ourselves with striving for constant improvement and see ourselves as a learning organization, we created an infographic to show just that.
How Trump became president - explained by a video and many more interactive elements. At the end of January 2017 Twitter, Facebook and Co. were dominated by one topic. Trump. Shortly after Inauguration Day we also wanted to jump on the train and had…
How we made a successful presentation for Glutz AG from a trade fair film. The client wanted a trade fair film for innovative locking systems. No sooner said than done – so well, that it was followed by a presentation. Glutz AG produces locking systems that are used, for example, in…

Great memories

What seems like an endless list of clients is actually a book filled with great memories. Each project made us grow on both a personal and professional level and brought us to where we are today.

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