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Why is this site in English?

Although Cleverclip mainly works with clients in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, when it comes to expanding our team, we look beyond those countries and ignore borders. We are designers, concept artists, art directors, copywriters, and animators. Our team is distributed all over the place. From Zurich to Berlin to Kuala Lumpur. So wherever you want to live and work, you are welcome here.

Who are we?

Cleverclip is a young (we like to think so) startup from Bern – Switzerland. Our goal: To simplify the world a little bit. And we do that with Explanatory Videos, Presentation Design, Infographics, Graphic Recordings, and Interactive Content.

Since our foundation in April 2013, we have grown steadily. Meanwhile, our team counts over 30 creative minds. We work from everywhere. We live and work in Bern, Zurich, Berlin, Costa Rica, Lisbon, Kuala Lumpur, and a small village in Russia that nobody knows.

Who are we looking for?

In one word, talented people. Read below. If you tick all of the boxes then it will be up to us to match what you’re looking for! Click below for our open opportunities.

Available Roles

Internship Project Management
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You can be your own manager.

You can be your own manager.

We take ownership very seriously. Remote working is only suitable for a very specific type of individual – one that doesn’t need to be managed. That’s why each one of us needs to be proactive, comfortable making tough decisions, detail-oriented and responsible for its own continuous self-improvement and work-life balance.
You can care about Cleverclip in a passionate way.

You can care about Cleverclip in a passionate way.

Our work fills pretty much most of our day, and working towards the best collective interest means we must approach everything we do with a long term thinking perspective. A team without boundaries mandates openness, transparency, and a ready-to-learn, ego-free attitude. Ownership for each own results, means calculated risk-taking.
You are a decent Human Being.

You are a decent Human Being.

Cleverclip is all about creative thinking, which can result in a lot of idea conflicts. That's why it's important to deal with criticism constructively, learn from mistakes, share experiences and show gratitude. This is the only way to create a positive atmosphere that stimulates ideas and leads to successful outcomes.