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How do you convince potential new customers or investors of your company? A company presentation is an indispensable product – but not just any presentation. In this article we explain how to create an effective company presentation – and win over every one of your listeners or viewers.

Convince with your company presentation

The company presentation serves as a very effective means of internal and external corporate communication. It allows you to convince the company, convey the brand message and build a bond with the audience.

In today’s world, however, we have to convince the audience faster than ever before: decision-makers in particular have limited time and will not give you a full hour to be convinced. The presentation must therefore be captivating in the shortest possible time – and then of course be able to hold the attention of the audience during the course of the presentation. This also means that the entire company presentation, from start to end, must be well thought out and attractively designed. What does that mean specifically?

The right structure

The main goal of a company presentation is first and foremost a convincing presentation of your company. Therefore the company presentation, similar to a CV, should reflect the greatest achievements, goals and potential in the best possible way. It is also important to reinforce the statements with the help of data and figures. While designing your presentation, always keep the target audience in mind: Which content is particularly relevant for the respective target group? How can you adapt your presentation to the needs of the target group? In general, the company presentation should consist of the following sections: 

About us: Here you can summarize the most important company information briefly and concisely. Do not go into too much detail, but focus exclusively on the most relevant points. Especially the company history can be mentioned briefly at this point to convey information in the form of storytelling. 

What do you offer? Uniqueness instead of plain vanilla is the motto here! At this point you should introduce your USP. What makes you stand out? What sets you apart from the competition? What special services or products do you offer?

Who is behind the company? Emphasize the special skills, experience and responsibilities of the company members. It is about showing that there is a competent team and some know-how behind the company name . Do not read out the CV of each manager, but mention some key points. This applies to large companies as well as small start-ups. 

Examples or case studies: Show – don’t tell !  After you have praised yourself and your services throughout the presentation, it is of course important to show success. References, especially from well-known companies, increase your credibility and help you to convince the decision makers. 

Testimonials: The customers are already those who have convinced you with your company! Meaningful quotes from your customers therefore reaffirm your competence and prove that you are a trustworthy partner.

Company presentation – tips

Now, after we have clarified the basics of the company presentation, let’s go into the finer details. Nowadays, an exclusively good structure will no longer be enough to arouse the interest of the target group. It is important that your company presentation also leaves a wow-effect on the audience. To achieve this, the following points should be considered:  

Storytelling: Addressing emotions

Relevant content is important. However, if you are chanting it down like a waterfall and bombarding the audience with one bullet after another, you won’t be very convincing. You’ve probably heard it often enough, but let me emphasize it once again: Wrap your content in a story! 

Stories activate large parts of our brain that are responsible for processing emotions and experiences. Storytelling therefore conveys the information in a more interesting and effective way.  

If you sell new natural cosmetic products, you can say the following “Our products are made without chemical ingredients and are one hundred percent natural products.” Congratulations – your product is boring! Or you can take the listener on a little journey – “Imagine… you are walking barefoot on a fine, warm sandy beach, feeling the light ocean breeze on your skin when it starts drizzling. Your skin absorbs the moisture and you feel how it breathes and how you get more and more energy. This is how our new skin cream feels – and without chemical additives it is almost as pure as water.” The second version allows the audience to identify more easily with the product, to build an emotional bond and not to perceive the presentation as intrusive sales. As a result, the message is conveyed much more effectively and is better anchored in the consciousness of the target group. Besides, it is really much more exciting to embark on a sensual journey towards the Bora-Bora beach during a presentation, instead of being shown only statistics from product testings? (Although this is of course also important). 

Visual elements

Storytelling is good. But visual storytelling is even better. Our brain processes images about 60,000 times faster than text-based elements. 50% of our brain is responsible for processing visual elements, while 70% of all sensory receptors are located in the eyeOr for the average consumer: We can process visual elements even more easily and therefore remember them better. 

Statistics and figures can therefore be represented much more effectively in the form of diagrams or certain messages can be reinforced with the help of pictures. Pictures that stimulate thinking, make you laugh, maybe even provoke you. Short video clips, e.g. in the form of explanatory videos, can also vividly convey a certain concept within a very short time and at the same time provide a surprise effect during the presentation. The use of additional media in your company presentation also proves your expertise – because digital formats play an important role nowadays and should not be neglected in a modern company. 

Brevity is the soul of wit

Nobody has much time today. Therefore, avoid too much unimportant information and focus on the most relevant points. Especially when you send the presentation, the total file should not be too large, otherwise you will blow up the e-mail inbox. 

The Optics 

The first impression counts – at this point, don’t forget the first slide. A first “Killerslide, as I like to call it, is important to catch the attention of the audience right from the start and to convince with an appealing design. It should include the most important company information such as the company name, webpage, contact address, etc. Of course, a visually appealing and clean design should also characterize the presentation on the following slides. 


People build relationships with people, not with facts, diagrams or presentation slides. Therefore, allow a look behind the scenes. Why is this so important? Personal relationship building enables the audience to identify more closely with the speaker as well as the company and can therefore build an emotional bond with the company. Finally, depending on the target group, you may also want to show that the company philosophy and message exactly matches their lifestyle and values. 

For example, integrate a photo of the team “in action”, a company party or a special project to underline the company philosophy. The main thing is that your viewers get a feeling for who is behind the company.

Involving the audience 

Have courage for change! A corporate presentation does not have to be stiff, dry and boring. Especially in the corporate area, I often have the impression that speakers see themselves as “too professional” to integrate playful elements and spice up the content a bit. 

However, if you want your presentation to be particularly effective, you should always involve the audience in the talk. Depending on the target group, you can either integrate interactive elements such as a quiz or a survey, or you can get active with the audience yourself by asking Q&As, rhetorical questions etc. 

Tangible objects are also very important, because as soon as you hold something in your hand, the audience’s gaze is fixed on it and you have secured their attention! Especially if you are selling products, you should definitely have an example of it with you, so that the audience can touch, try and use it. We have recently written a detailed article with tips and tricks to make your presentation as interactive as possible. 

Going in style

No, I don’t mean an American crime comedy. Rather, I am referring to the last slide of your presentation. Because just as the start, the end should have a lasting effect. And to achieve this, there is one thing you should not miss: A call to action. Regardless of the desired goal, whether investment, partnership or sales, you naturally want to convince your audience at the end. Summarize your core message in one sentence and consciously ask the audience to take further action.


A company presentation is an important management and sales tool to present the company to customers, potential partners and investors. In order to communicate the company image as effectively as possible, your presentation should also have a unique design. Avoid too much text on the slides, pack your facts into an emotional story and use visual elements to reinforce the message. Make sure you use open body language and interact with the audience. And if, despite our tips, it doesn’t quite work out that way, don’t worry! Presentation design is our strength and we are happy to support you in this. Let us inspire you a little! Here you can learn more! 

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