The 4 most important tools for Remote Work

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After my last blog post about Remote Work there was a lively discussion. Some people supported my thesis that Remote Work makes really productive. Others, on the other hand, were sure that it was little more than a fad whose expiration date was slowly but surely expiring.
I firmly believe that Remote Work works. And I want more and more people to be able to work like that. That’s why I’m introducing you to 4 tools today that make the transition easier and also convince your boss.


“When I work at home, I waste my time on unimportant things.”

This is probably one of the biggest worries: procrastination. But Toggl helps me tremendously. The virtual time clock doesn’t care whether you work in a team or alone. You can assign each activity to a project and simply press Start when it starts and Stop when you take a break. So you can always see how long you have actually spent on a task. And if you drift away mentally during a task, Toggl remembers that and asks you if you want to reset the time.


“Communication with colleagues is getting complicated and you have to write a lot more e-mails.”

I can understand this concern as well – and at the same time refute it. At Cleverclip we simply use Basecamp. And since then I have not written any more e-mails within the company. In Basecamp each project gets its own folder and all information, messages, short messages and also files as well as dates and deadlines are collected in it. This means that confusing communication is forgotten.


“If I’m not in the same room with my colleagues, we can’t brainstorm.”

We could argue about the effectiveness of brainstorming in general. Meetings are usually more about wasting time than about doing something productively. Nevertheless, we can’t do without working together on the whiteboard. Only that our whiteboard is called “RealtimeBoard” and is not located in a stuffy meeting room, but on the Internet. Everything else works the same way. You can use Post-its, make sketches, write or pinned photos. You can even see where the others are in the virtual room. And you can talk to them directly using the Call feature. Disadvantage: If someone brings cookies to the meeting, they can’t share them …


“It’s complicated to delegate tasks because I can’t just ask who has free capacity right now.”

There is also a spark of truth in this saying. But already the spark glows weaker … and now it is extinguished. Thanks to Float I know at all times what tasks my colleagues are doing at the moment. What they have to do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and how many hours a day they are scheduled to do so. Basically I have a much better overview than sitting in an office with them. Then I would have to ask each individual what he is doing and if he has time. Answer: uncertain.

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So you see, there is no problem for which there is no tool. What kind of apps do you use to work together efficiently?

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