You have prepared a page-long text that you would like to proudly read out to your audience? Well then, good luck! Because that’s what you’ll need to keep your audience awake. In addition to the right content, the presence and appearance of the speaker is crucial to the success of the presentation. We share important presentation and communication skills, as well as elements that should not be missing in your public speech. In this way, you will succeed in attracting the maximum attention of the audience and anchoring your message in their minds.

Interaktives Eventmarketing
Presenting 9 min read

2020 – The year of interactive event marketing 

“Interactivity” and “engagement” are buzz words nowadays. Most of the time they revolve …

Presenting 10 min read

Interactive Presentation – Tips and Tricks

We all know the  course of an ordinary presentation: the speaker stands frozen …

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Expert Advice is the best thing since sliced butter, er bread!

Presenting 3 min read

Graphic Recording – How Does Live Visualization Work?

Graphic Recording – How does a professional visualize? Imagine you’re giving an important …

Presenting 2 min read

Live Drawing For Unforgettable Occasions

You always wanted to surprise your audience with a unique presentation? Do you …

Presenting 6 min read

What makes a good Company Presentations?

  How do you convince potential new customers or investors of your company? …

Presenting 2 min read

Pitch Deck – What, How And Why You Need One

In order for start-ups to leave a lasting impression on investors, potential customers …

Presenting 2 min read

Presentation Design – How to Convince Your Audience

The word presentation makes many of us shudder rather than listen to tension. …

Presenting 3 min read

Graphic Recording vs. Graphic Facilitation

When Michel was recently invited for an event, he experienced a little surprise. …

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