Slides packed with loads of text, dry facts and figures? Not that thrilling! Your audience loses interest, grabs a cup of coffee and smartphone and soon forgets you. Set an end to this horror scenario and become a crowd pleaser, whether in front of investors, at a charity event or in a business meeting! We explain how you can spice up your slides and enchant the audience with visually appealing formats and convince them in the long run. Say goodbye to boring presentations – hello creative design!

Presentation Design 10 min read

Interactive Presentation – Tips and Tricks

We all know the  course of an ordinary presentation: the speaker stands frozen …

Presentation Design 6 min read

What makes a good Company Presentations?

  How do you convince potential new customers or investors of your company? …

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Presentation Design 2 min read

Pitch Deck – What, How And Why You Need One

In order for start-ups to leave a lasting impression on investors, potential customers …

Presentation Design 2 min read

Presentation Design – How to Convince Your Audience

The word presentation makes many of us shudder rather than listen to tension. …

Presentation Design 2 min read

6 Tips for Efficient Meetings [Infographic]

How can efficient meetings be held? Anyone with a little work experience knows …

Presentation Design 3 min read

Boring Presentations: How to Banish Boredom From Your Presentations!

What is a highlight in the everyday life of every stock corporation? Exactly, …

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