Business meetings can be lengthy and also very boring. Especially in today’s digital age with reduced attention span it is even more difficult for us to stay focused. To get the most out of your meetings, it is very important to make them as effective as possible. In this category we present you different options on how to make business meetings more vivid, efficient and above all more impressive by incorporating specific elements.

Effektive Online Meetings für Home Office
Meetings 5 min read

A Guide on Having Effective Online Meetings

Tips for effective online meetings  Most companies have already switched to a home …

Meetings 4 min read

Internal Communication – How To Be Effective At It?

Internal Communication Trends 2020  E-mails, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, Skype or rather classic …

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Meetings 2 min read

Yes to the Company Retreat – but why?

Once a year at Cleverclip we go together to a company retreat. This …

Meetings 3 min read

Graphic Recording – How Does Live Visualization Work?

Graphic Recording – How does a professional visualize? Imagine you’re giving an important …

What is Communication. Illustration by Cleverclip
Meetings 20 min read

What is Communication? A Complete Guide

Communication is omnipresent in our society. Today, more than ever, we communicate constantly …

Meetings 3 min read

Presenting Products – How To Drive More Customers?

Our product range is becoming more diverse almost day by day. It is …

Meetings 2 min read

Sketchnotes – Notes That Really Stick

Sketch notes are a way to quickly and easily capture content visually. And …

Meetings 2 min read

Live Drawing For Unforgettable Occasions

You always wanted to surprise your audience with a unique presentation? Do you …

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