The world of marketing has changed. Traditional forms of advertising are no longer effective and it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire customers. But no reason to despair! We explain how to position your brand correctly, communicate effectively with customers and ultimately achieve maximum conversions! From the right targeting, effective e-mail communication and the importance of storytelling, to modern forms of digital marketing and tips and trends in content marketing, we’ ll make you a marketing expert of the digital age!

Interaktives Eventmarketing
Marketing 9 min read

2020 – The year of interactive event marketing 

“Interactivity” and “engagement” are buzz words nowadays. Most of the time they revolve …

Infografik Tools
Marketing 6 min read

Creating infographics – The best tools

In our last blog post I was talking about the infographics being a …

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Infografik Tipps
Marketing 7 min read

Infographic Tips for effective content marketing

I would like to dedicate today’s blog post to a very special all-rounder …

interaktive Inhalte Einsatzbereiche
Marketing 6 min read

Interactive content – 10 effective areas of application 

After we’ve already learned about what interactive content is, why we need it …

Interaktive Inhalte Formate
Marketing 5 min read

Types of interactive content

Interactivity is the latest trend in marketing. And above all, it is a …

Was sind interaktive Inhalte?
Marketing 3 min read

What is Interactive Content?

The year is 2020, the year in which we have to rely on …

Illustration Video Marketing
Marketing 3 min read

Video Marketing: How Many Words Is a Video Worth?

A picture is worth a thousand words. A metaphor quoted to death, but …

global trend_2texture-01_1920x1280
Marketing 4 min read

Video Content: Why You Need to Follow This Trend?

Video Marketing as an effective content strategy  Competition is increasing across the industry, …

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