The professional world is changing and management and leadership are in a state of upheaval. Classical line hierarchies are no longer effective, a new way of thinking is required to ensure maximum success. This applies to both corporate and personal self-management. How do I become my own manager and work most efficiently? How can I generate maximum success using available resources? What does risk management mean today? How do I find the right work-life balance? We address these questions and many more in the following articles.

Episode 4 Sef talk
Management 21 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Episode 4 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Tools and rituals In the last Sef.Talk episode we …

SEF Talk - Management and Leadership - Episode 3
Management 24 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 3 (EN Version) 

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Management and Leadership On 8 May the Sef.Talk went …

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Remote Work Tools
Management 40 min read

330 Remote Work Tools for Your Business

The best remote work tools for more productivity Almost everyone was sent home, …

Seftalk episode 2
Management 20 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 2 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Company culture and community management  In the second Sef.Talk …

Illustration Home Office Fehler vermeiden
Management 7 min read

Home Office Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Don’t do the following remote work mistakes with your employees  With the right …

Mitarbeiterengagement im Home Office
Management 6 min read

How to Create Employee Engagement in The Home Office?

Ways for more employee engagement in the home office The evening is getting …

Management 24 min read

SEF.Talk Remote Work-Episode 1 (EN Version)

  Under this year’ s motto “Walk the line”, the SEF (short for …

Vertrauen im Home Office
Management 5 min read

Can you Trust Your Remote Employees?

Just letting the employees do their work at home…? Does that work? Will …

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