Live Drawing For Unforgettable Occasions
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Live Drawing For Unforgettable Occasions

Natalie Ediger By Natalie Ediger
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You always wanted to surprise your audience with a unique presentation? Do you want to lead a workshop that your participants won’t forget in a hurry? Or do you want to make the company anniversary the highlight of the year? Then we have the idea for you: Live drawing! With so-called Graphic Recordings you offer your audience occasions that will definitely leave them smiling.

Live drawing – that’s what it’s all about

Documenting discussions, events or workshops is nothing new. But there are alternatives to photo or writing protocols. A visual documentation by live drawing is not only more creative, informative and original – it keeps your audience happy. And that during the whole time.
When you draw live, a Graphic Recorder packs your content into beautiful images that later serve as a visual protocol. We know that images stick better than words, they evoke emotions and keep your audience happy. And at the same time, these images will be full of content and new knowledge – so your audience will learn without the hassle.

Depending on the occasion, live drawing has its own advantages. A convincing PowerPoint presentation is quite difficult to achieve. But if a graphic recorder supports you with live drawing, you’ve almost won your audience over. It gives your event that certain something and will certainly be the highlight of the event. And when it comes to training or workshops, you’ll benefit from the power of simple information – your participants will be able to easily remember the content. No matter what kind of occasion a Graphic Recorder supports you, the great thing about all of them is that the pictures are yours and you can use them again and again.

And how exactly does this live drawing work now?

Since every event is unique, individual pictures are created each time during live drawing – more uniqueness is not possible. But that also calls for professionals and yes, if you want a really good graphic recording, you can get a specialist on board. Because for a contemporary, visual accompaniment of an event, a lot of experience is needed. The draughtsmen are thrown into the cold water every time anew and must be able to translate the told information into visual form immediately. The narrative is filtered and reduced to small key points and catchwords. These are then often written down and then enriched with pictures. Always tailored to the occasion – live, individual and creative!

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