In the course of digital transformation, the role of the traditional HR department is also changing. The success of a company depends on how it adapts to the digital change and whether it is able to present itself as an attractive employer.
In this category, you can find topics such as employer branding, internal communication, how to increase productivity in your daily work life, as well as exciting insights into our Cleverclip Team Retreats.

Human Resources 4 min read

Internal Communication – How To Be Effective At It?

Internal Communication Trends 2020  E-mails, Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, Skype or rather classic …

Human Resources 2 min read

Yes to the Company Retreat – but why?

Once a year at Cleverclip we go together to a company retreat. This …

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Human Resources 8 min read

Everchanging Communication. How Has It Changed Over The Past Years?

Other times, other customs – How our communication has developed in recent years …

Human Resources 2 min read

Sketchnotes – Notes That Really Stick

Sketch notes are a way to quickly and easily capture content visually. And …

Human Resources 2 min read

Digital Learning – The Future Of Learning Is Here

Digital Learning is booming. Whether as private further training or as part of …

Human Resources 6 min read

What makes a good Company Presentations?

  How do you convince potential new customers or investors of your company? …

Human Resources 2 min read

Team Retreat – Every Year Again

It’s been another month since the Swiss Cleverclip group travelled together from Barcelona …

Human Resources 2 min read

Pitch Deck – What, How And Why You Need One

In order for start-ups to leave a lasting impression on investors, potential customers …

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