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Download this XX pages Interactive Content Guide and learn the ropes on Interactive Content.

We need content that encourages users to interact. Content that stands out from the crowd. Content that won’t be forgotten. That’s where “interactive content” comes into play.

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What's in this Interactive Content Guide?

Static content is not very persuasive anymore – that’s what most of us already know.  Since your target group is not really engaging with static content, it drives only little success. Or even none? 


We need content that encourages users to interact. Content that stands out from the crowd. Content that won’t be forgotten. That’s where “interactive content” comes into play. 


Somehow everyone is aware of it. Nevertheless, the implementation usually looks a little bland. But the future of marketing screams for interactive content and wants to be heard. We’ll explain you why should listen into it.

Start Guide to Interactive Content

What can you find inside?

This Guide to Interactive Content provides a good baseline knowledge on Interactive Content and is targeted at Marketers, Communication Leads and Content professionals.

  • Interactive Content and its power in marketing
  • What is interactive content all about?
  • The power of interactive Content
  • Interactive Content – A variety of formats
  • Interactive Learning
  • How immersive experiences can revolutionize the marketing
  • What to consider?
  • Should you go for it or not?

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About Cleverclip

What else is there?

The world is complex. We want to make it a tad simpler. Leaders and businesses come to us to help them turn complicated topics into simple messages. Together we come up with the best format to make it happen.

Explainer Videos

Turn any complex idea into an animated explainer video. Understand your audience, understand your goals, and reduce your message to its bare essence.

Learn more

Interactive Content

Users are now making more decisions and, consequently, have less time to do them in than ever. Engaging content helps bring a winning edge to any content visualization.

Learn more

Infographic Design

Turn complex data and long narratives into a visually appealing format that guides your audience on grasping the main takeaways of the message you're keen on sharing.

Learn more

Presentation Design

A clear design that conveys complex subjects in an understandable and entertaining way. We create each presentation individually and tailor-make it to your wishes so that you can meet your target audience at its level.

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Graphic Recordings

Surprise your viewers using a visually engaging and unique format to convey the information you want to convey with your presentation.

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From young startups to large corporations​

From young startups to large corporations

We've proudly helped hundreds of businesses increasing their audience's engagement.

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