“There is no more effective way to prove that we know something well than to draw a simple picture of it. And there’s no better way to see hidden solutions than to take a pencil and pull out the pieces of our problem.”
And this is exactly where Graphic Recordings come into play! We explain everything you should know about this topic and how you can convince and inspire your audience with live drawing and visual elements.

Graphic Recording 3 min read

Graphic Recording – How Does Live Visualization Work?

Graphic Recording – How does a professional visualize? Imagine you’re giving an important …

Graphic Recording 2 min read

Live Drawing For Unforgettable Occasions

You always wanted to surprise your audience with a unique presentation? Do you …

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Graphic Recording 3 min read

Graphic Recording vs. Graphic Facilitation

When Michel was recently invited for an event, he experienced a little surprise. …

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Graphic Recording 2 min read

Why To Use An Explainer Video?

In order to get an idea of the problems that an explanation video …

Graphic Recording < 1 min read

Graphic Recordings – What Are They Used For? [Infographic]

Graphic Recordings are visual representations of narrated content. They are used to support …

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