The future of learning? Digitization is an essential catalyst for the current change in values and social transformation processes. Games, apps and smartphones have become indispensable in today’s everyday life of Generation Z and millennials. These developments and needs should also be taken into account in today’s learning and teaching methods. Here you will find articles about digital learning, its importance, tips and trends, as well as new concepts that actively involve the audience and ensure maximum learning success.

Der perfekte Produkt Launch
Digital Learning 9 min read

The Perfect Product Launch

How launch a product successfully  You have developed a groundbreaking product? Congratulations! Your …

The perfect Pitch Deck
Digital Learning 6 min read

Pitch Deck – How To Create The Perfect One?

Convince investors properly Are you facing the big task of convincing potential investors? …

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Digital Learning 5 min read

The Importance of Interactive Content – Part 2

How immersive experiences can revolutionize the marketing  Today it is no longer enough …

Digital Learning 6 min read

The Importance of Interactive Content – Part 1

Interactive Content and its power in marketing  Static content is not very persuasive …

Digital Learning 9 min read

What Is a Communication Model?

Communication models- How can they be used to improve corporate communication? The majority …

Digital Learning 2 min read

Yes to the Company Retreat – but why?

Once a year at Cleverclip we go together to a company retreat. This …

Digital Learning 3 min read

Graphic Recording – How Does Live Visualization Work?

Graphic Recording – How does a professional visualize? Imagine you’re giving an important …

Digital Learning 3 min read

6 Tips On Creating Your Own Explainer Video

Making an explanatory video yourself is not witchcraft. What you need is some …

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