Creating buzz with a teaser
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Creating buzz with a teaser

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What do they say in marketing? Content must deliver an added value? Educate the target group? Provide a solution to the “pain point”? Yes, that’s how it should be. But then there is also a lateral thinker in video marketing who decided to go his own way: The teaser video. Because just as the name implies, this format aims to tease the viewer a bit, leave him in uncertainty and keep him on tenterhooks. Can this really be an effective marketing strategy? Oh yes, absolutely! We’ll explain to you what exactly a teaser is, what points should be considered and why itcould be worthwhile for you to create a teaser.

What is a teaser? 

The teaser is again one of many trending words in marketing these days and for sure you have already heard of it. I assume that most of us associate a teaser with a short clip. 

In fact, it’s not quite right. By definition, a teaser is simply a “short advertising element designed to arouse the customer’s curiosity”. This can include a variety of formats, such as a film, music or text excerpt.

Many companies use text teasers to make a new announcement on Twitter, for example. On a website blog, the teaser often includes a short lead-in to provide a first glimpse into the articles. Ultimately, the teaser encompasses a variety of formats, all with the goal of grabbing the audience’s attention.

Since we at Cleverclip love moving images and interactivity, however, I’ll focus on the teaser video here. Unlike ordinary marketing videos, this one doesn’t go into detail about the content and doesn’t convey a specific message. Instead, the aim is to arouse the curiosity of the customer and thus create anticipation, e.g. for an upcoming campaign, a product launch or an event. Teaser trailers are particularly popular, as we know them from the cinema, for example. 

Why do we need a teaser video?

Before we take a closer look at the scientific aspects, ask yourself whether a teaser is effective. Let’s take the movies as an example. You’re sitting with a bag of popcorn and then suddenly an action-packed and breathtaking teaser is being shown. This is exactly what creates the necessary hype and tension – some people even claim that the most exciting part of a visit to the movies.

But it doesn’t need to be an Oscar-worthy teaser. The point is that a teaser with incomplete information and an open ending motivates the viewer to find out more. Because the human brain is reluctant to settle for uncertainty. A teaser in the form of a video is particularly effective because our brain processes visual elements better than text-based information. 50 percent of our brain is involved in the processing of visual content, with 70 percent of the sensory receptors located in the eye. For this reason, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text-based information and stores them better in memory. Statistics confirm that 80% of all potential customers remember video content from the last 30 days. 

Fenty Beauty, a makeup line founded by world-famous singer and fashion icon Rihanna, proved just how effective teaser videos can really be. Rihanna created a lot of curiosity and anticipation for the upcoming product with a series of short clips on social media. Before the release of the makeup line, the Fenty Instagram account already had 2 million followers and gained another 600,000 in one day – making Fenty Beauty one of the most successful social media product launches. Not convinced yet? Then here comes the direct comparison, take a look at the following teaser: 

The dynamics in the video and the matching sound effect grab attention from the first second. Now imagine they are reading a text instead: Discover the new lip gloss products from Fenty. With a wide color palette, you’ll find the perfect look for any occasion, day or night. Fenty is revolutionizing the beauty world.” Even if makeup and beauty aren’t necessarily your specialties, I guess we can agree that a teaser is a lot more effective.

Here is a summary of all the points that speak for a teaser: 

  1. Create buzz

I have already emphasized the main advantage of a teaser several times: building excitement, creating anticipation and generating positive word of mouth. 

  1. Early marketing initiative 

With a teaser, the product does not already have to be 100%. After all, only a brief insight is guaranteed and the customer is left in uncertainty. This also means that you can start the teaser campaign well in advance and thus make the best possible use of the marketing potential. 

  1. Feedback from the target group

A teaser video enables two-way communication, because as soon as they publish a teaser campaign, users can comment, like and send messages. And precisely because a teaser is usually published in advance, you can get valuable information that you can take into account for the actual product launch. 

  1. Versatile areas of application 

Teasers are not only suitable for the big screen. Quite the opposite: on social media channels in particular, they make it possible to build up a community in advance that looks forward to a new product together with excitement. But teaser videos can also be ideally integrated on the website and landing page, in an email or as part of paid ads. 

Teaser video – best practices  

A teaser is by no means a summary of thrown-together clips from a longer video. Rather, it is an individual mini-story designed to engage the viewer in its own way. To make the teaser as effective as possible, consider the following elements:

  1. Cliffhanger 

Make the audience curious and don’t reveal too much information at once, otherwise the teaser will lose its magic effect. The viewer should think “Oh wow, this is exciting” after watching the video. With teasers, it is therefore quite desirable to leave the viewer somewhat in the dark and to stimulate reflection, especially at the beginning of a campaign. However, once you’ve caught the user’s attention, it can also be useful to give a little context. After all, the target audience should understand why the particular product is relevant to them. This is best built up gradually in several teasers. 

  1. The suitable sound effect 

Although the visual elements are in the foreground, the power of music should not be neglected. Only in combination with the right sound emotions can be evoked and tension built up. Or have you ever watched a blockbuster without sound? 

  1. Company name / logo 

It is important that the viewer associates the teaser with your brand or company. For this reason, the company name or at least the logo should appear at least once to create a connection between the story and your brand. 

  1. CTA 

If possible, try to encourage the viewer to take further action and stay connected with them in the long term. This could be, for example, subscribing to a newsletter to receive updates about the product a “follow” on the social media channels or directly redirecting them to the website. 

  1. Create a suitable hashtag 

A hashtag can work wonders, especially for a teaser campaign. Under branded hashtags, users can interact with each other and upload similar content. This way, you not only build a community, but you can also measure the engagement of your campaign. 

  1. Visually appealing and interactive 

And last but not least, it should be a visual experience for the viewer. This does not mean that the video has to be a blockbuster production with special effects. As we all know, simplicity is often the highest level of perfection. It’s more about the interaction of all elements and a generally professional design. So much for the points that make a good teaser. To ensure that your teaser is really convincing, here is an overview of the points you should avoid: 

  • Miss the timing: Getting the timing right is absolutely key when it comes to a teaser, especially for an upcoming product launch. You need to have enough time to build excitement and anticipation. But if the time gap is too long, viewers may in turn become impatient and frustrated and lose interest.
  • Average content: With easer, you should stand out from the crowd and you certainly won’t succeed with boring content. Create a wow effect! Therefore, plan well and create an exciting storyline that captivates the viewer. Don’t copy “global players” either. What really tells is the individuality – only in this way you create recognition value and stand out from your competition. 
  • Too oppressive: Here is the other extreme. Not boring at all, but too rich in content. 

Too much information, too many special effects, moving elements, transitions and best of all 3D typography. Simply too much of a good thing. The viewer should not feel overwhelmed despite the puzzling plot. 

Ready for your teaser video? 

I hope now you are aware that a teaser can be a powerful marketing initiative to create buzz and pique the interest of your target audience. Make sure you have an exciting storyline, create the necessary mental cinema, make it visually appealing, as interactive as possible, and above all, make it unique! Well, that certainly sounds easier than it is. But if it gets too complex, don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for – because we’re experts in video marketing and we’ll be happy to help you out 😉 

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