Corporate Film – How to sell your business properly

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What constitutes a company is often its values. Or, to put it another way, the values for which each individual employee stands. But an image film can also focus on other aspects – special technical progress, innovative products or unique processes, for example. No matter on which aspect the focus should be, the only important thing is that it is properly staged. Instead of hard facts and figures, the focus should always be on emotions.

A convincing corporate film helps to set your company apart from the competition and is a promising marketing instrument, especially in times of a wide range of products and services.

Creating trust and proximity with a corporate film

It’s not about explaining what a company does, but about stories the company tells. The image of the company should be conveyed in an emotional way.

That a car takes us from A to B doesn’t need any explanation. What feeling this can trigger, on the other hand, can quickly convince us. A trip through the vastness of the Swiss mountains or over the dunes of the Sahara – pure freedom. The nice thing about making a corporate film is that creativity is more than welcome!

The right choice for corporate films

A corporate film can be used for both internal and external purposes. The form in which it is produced depends on various factors. Of course it is always a question of budget, but especially with image films you should think about the return of investment. A convincing corporate film can help the company to even more success in the long run – and at the latest then the investment has paid off in any case.

A well-known principle applies to the length of the video: the spice lies in the brevity. We live in a constant information overload – the viewers must therefore be picked up as quickly as possible and convinced. The corporate film can give the user a first impression of the company on the website, serve as an attraction at a trade fair, support a presentation or be used in the social media.

Of course, it also always depends on the industry in which the company is located – and thus the consideration of the target group follows. Should tourists be addressed for a luxury resort? Or backpackers for a fancy hostel? Is it about selling customers a new car? Or to convince them for sanitary installations in house construction? Just when we think of these questions, completely different images emerge in our minds. And the corresponding corporate films would be just as different.

If you think about your industry and target group, let your creativity run free and get the necessary professionals on board – you can produce a corporate film that will help the company succeed in the long run.

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