The digital age is progressing and is significantly affecting the way we communicate. New tools are being added, the exchange of knowledge and information is becoming more direct, faster and more open. But what does communication mean today and how can it be made efficient? From important communication skills, overcoming communication hurdles, various concepts for improving corporate communication to scientific communication models, we explain how to effectively reach the customers.

Interaktives Eventmarketing
Communication 9 min read

2020 – The year of interactive event marketing 

“Interactivity” and “engagement” are buzz words nowadays. Most of the time they revolve …

Infografik Tools
Communication 6 min read

Creating infographics – The best tools

In our last blog post I was talking about the infographics being a …

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Infografik Tipps
Communication 7 min read

Infographic Tips for effective content marketing

I would like to dedicate today’s blog post to a very special all-rounder …

interaktive Inhalte Einsatzbereiche
Communication 6 min read

Interactive content – 10 effective areas of application 

After we’ve already learned about what interactive content is, why we need it …

Interaktive Inhalte Formate
Communication 5 min read

Types of interactive content

Interactivity is the latest trend in marketing. And above all, it is a …

Communication 6 min read

Interactive Videos – a Powerful Marketing Tool

Videos are absolute power tools in content marketing. By using moving visual storytelling, …

Communication 10 min read

Interactive Presentation – Tips and Tricks

We all know the  course of an ordinary presentation: the speaker stands frozen …

Seftalk episode 2
Communication 20 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 2 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Company culture and community management  In the second Sef.Talk …

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