Who is behind the creative minds? How do we organize our daily work? And who are we anyway? Over 30 employees, different continents and nationalities, combined with a lot of fun, a pinch of nonsense and a lot of passion is what makes us the perfect team. Follow us behind the scenes of the creative gang and learn more about our work culture, internal processes, our habits and traditions, the way we organize our daily lives and our workflows. Dive into the world of Cleverclip!

Infografik Tools
Cleverclip 6 min read

Creating infographics – The best tools

In our last blog post I was talking about the infographics being a …

Episode 4 Sef talk
Cleverclip 21 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Episode 4 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Tools and rituals In the last Sef.Talk episode we …

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SEF Talk - Management and Leadership - Episode 3
Cleverclip 24 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 3 (EN Version) 

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Management and Leadership On 8 May the Sef.Talk went …

Seftalk episode 2
Cleverclip 20 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 2 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Company culture and community management  In the second Sef.Talk …

Cleverclip 24 min read

SEF.Talk Remote Work-Episode 1 (EN Version)

  Under this year’ s motto “Walk the line”, the SEF (short for …

Vorteile von Home office
Cleverclip 8 min read

The Advantages of Remote Work. The Cleverclip Way

Cleverclip employees presenting the advantages of remote work  “Work from anywhere” – this …

Cleverclip 4 min read

How To Create An Explainer Video? The Cleverclip Way

Ever wished to look behind the scenes of a professional explainer video agency? …

Cleverclip 2 min read

Yes to the Company Retreat – but why?

Once a year at Cleverclip we go together to a company retreat. This …

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