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How can efficient meetings be held? Anyone with a little work experience knows that meetings are time consuming. You spend too much time working and too little time being productive.

How can meetings be efficient? That’s a question we’re also very concerned with at Cleverclip. We are committed to being as efficient as possible, and meetings are an important part of our daily work.

So I sat down once and collected our 6 best tips for efficient meetings and illustrated them in an Infographic.

Again the tips in detail and procedure:

  1. Preparation: In order for everyone to prepare properly for the meeting, a clearly defined purpose is needed. No efficient meeting can take place without preparation.
  2. Punctuality: The more participants are involved, the more time adds up if even one person is ten minutes late.
  3. Lead person: A participant leads through the meeting. This person decides when a topic is dealt with and ensures that everyone has their say. This prevents confusion and gives the whole meeting a structure, bringing you a big step closer to an efficient meeting.
  4. No Devices: Full attention should be given to the topics to be discussed. This is also required by courtesy towards the other participants.
  5. Documentation: In each meeting one person writes down all decisions, to-do’s and other important points. So the discussed contents can be read again and again. What good is the most efficient meeting if you can’t access the results afterwards?
  6. Length: If everyone is aware that you only have one hour to deal with things, everyone works more efficiently.

Taking all these tips into account, the goal of an efficient meeting has come a long way. You’ll see that the time you spend in meetings is reduced, and you can get more out of meetings. Congratulations on your efficient Meeitings

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