10 application areas for explanatory videos [Infographic]

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Explanatory videos are at home in many areas of content creation. The following info graphic gives you a small overview of the areas of application for explanation videos:

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All application areas for explanatory videos:

The classic explanation video

Explanation of a service: How does it work and why do we need it at all? This is one of the classic areas of application for explanatory videos.

The product video

Here the goal is clear: to arouse desire. This can also be achieved with an explanation video.

The instruction video

Reduced representation form of the product video. How does the product work?

The image video

Instead of products or services, the focus is on the respective corporate values.

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The Content Marketing Video

Content marketing videos are used to support a company’s content strategy.

The Social Media Marketing Video

The videos should be adapted to the respective platform using social media and voice overs should be avoided.

The study film

This format serves to present complicated studies in a simple and descriptive way.

The political film

Explanatory videos are excellent for explaining political issues.

The internal corporate film

If something should be explained to your own employees, an internal company film is exactly the right tool.

The e-learning film

A special type of explanatory film is the e-learning film. It is intended to introduce complex topics – whether employees in companies or students at an online university.

No matter which field of application is most relevant for you, an explanation video from Cleverclip is always a good choice.


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