Interaktives Eventmarketing
Communication 9 min read

2020 – The year of interactive event marketing 

“Interactivity” and “engagement” are buzz words nowadays. Most of the time they revolve …

Infografik Tools
Cleverclip 6 min read

Creating infographics – The best tools

In our last blog post I was talking about the infographics being a …

Infografik Tipps
Communication 7 min read

Infographic Tips for effective content marketing

I would like to dedicate today’s blog post to a very special all-rounder …

interaktive Inhalte Einsatzbereiche
Communication 6 min read

Interactive content – 10 effective areas of application 

After we’ve already learned about what interactive content is, why we need it …

Interaktive Inhalte Formate
Communication 5 min read

Types of interactive content

Interactivity is the latest trend in marketing. And above all, it is a …

Communication 6 min read

Interactive Videos – a Powerful Marketing Tool

Videos are absolute power tools in content marketing. By using moving visual storytelling, …

Communication 10 min read

Interactive Presentation – Tips and Tricks

We all know the  course of an ordinary presentation: the speaker stands frozen …

Episode 4 Sef talk
Cleverclip 21 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Episode 4 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Tools and rituals In the last Sef.Talk episode we …

SEF Talk - Management and Leadership - Episode 3
Cleverclip 24 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 3 (EN Version) 

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Management and Leadership On 8 May the Sef.Talk went …

Remote Work Tools
Creative Process 40 min read

330 Remote Work Tools for Your Business

The best remote work tools for more productivity Almost everyone was sent home, …

Seftalk episode 2
Cleverclip 20 min read

Sef.Talk Remote Work Episode 2 (EN Version)

Sef.Talk Remote Work – Company culture and community management  In the second Sef.Talk …

Illustration Home Office Fehler vermeiden
Leadership 7 min read

Home Office Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Don’t do the following remote work mistakes with your employees  With the right …