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You have an idea. But in order for people to get inspired by your idea, it first has to be understood. And for your idea to be understood, it has to be explained. That’s where Cleverclip comes in, an award-winning partner, to get the job done.

From young startups to established corporations.

It’s a complex world

The world is a complex place. The shift towards globalization has created obvious challenges, higher risks, and inter-dependency between a growing number of factors.

Everything now happens at a fast pace, and it's more connected than ever before.

Businesses face global competition at every level, regardless of where they are and which industry they operate in. As a result, the speed at which they adapt to and interact with their surroundings defines the survivors.

Reducing complexity to its baseline is more essential than it ever has been.

Understanding how to better communicate is at the heart of every business that is looking to survive and thrive in this modern world.

What is Communication after all?

"The goal was to awaken the desire for a good customer experience on an emotional and abstract level."

Abstraction won. The result was an abstract video, which showed that less is often more and above all that the spice is in brevity. Consisting of individual points and without colour accents, the video begins by explaining the situation.

With a video we have explained how the partners of Isolutions can finally work the way they really want to: with their customers in focus!

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Complexity exists in every industry

The SDC is committed to implementing this human right locally, nationally and globally through various programs. Our task now was to present these circumstances in a comprehensive and appealing video and also to show where and how the SDC offers support.

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How do we do it

In order to understand every detail of your topic and explain it appropriately for your target audience, we start every project with an intensive research workshop.

As the process moves forward, additional steps are added, and this varies depending on the topic. During the creation of a video, we will create a treatment: a series of proposals outlining how we think the subject can be realized. Then it’s your turn to choose the idea that you like best.

No matter what type of product we create for you, feedback loops are our highest priority. That way, you and your target audience get exactly what you are looking for.

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American Politics explained

How Trump became president - explained by a video and several interactive elements. At Cleverclip, we're all very interested in politics, which is the first reason why we produced Dump The Trump.

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Our Clients

We're proud to have worked with some of the greatest people in some of the top brands across multiple industries. With every job, we've learned and evolved to get where we are today.

Meet our clients

Cleverclip reduces the complex relationships by visualising the important bits. This way the viewer understands quickly what is being discussed.

Olivier Ferrilli Product Manager

Above all, I enjoyed the uncomplicated collaboration and the dedicated young team. Changes and criticism were accepted professionally and adjusted quickly until we were fully happy with the solution.

Julie-Ann Trachsel Project Assistant Strategic Development
Cooperative Migros Aare

The result completely convinced us! The internal feedback was brilliant and the video became an important instrument for the visualization of the guiding principles and internal pieces of training.

Stefan Moser Head of Operations BEKB

What we do

As humans, we remember things easier when they are shown to us through images - and that’s exactly what Cleverclip does. We explain complex subjects in a sharp, understandable, and visually attractive way. Whether it's a video that helps you launch a product, an infographic that aids in visualising your data. or an interactive experience that increases the effectiveness of your content, no subject is too complex to create an entertaining story in a vivid and exciting way. The format doesn't matter. Results do.

Strategic Focus

Setting a goal and focusing all our energy on achieving it. No distractions, driven by return on investment.


Researching an audience and crafting a well thought story that takes you from beginning to end.


Deconstructing complicated topics, getting rid of the unnecessary, and focusing entirely on the end goal.

Explainer Videos

At Cleverclip, we’ll explain your products, processes, or services in a way your target audience will understand. From whiteboard animations to elaborate digital animations, we’ll find just the right style for you and break your information down so it can be easily understood.

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“Customers approach us because they have something to say. They want to tell a story as well. They come to us because they need our help. Ultimately it is never the product or the process, it is never the thing itself that forms the focus, but always the target group, the viewers that are most important.”

Carlo Badini, CEO & Founder

Emotions, facts, and figures – all in one video. Swisscontact has stood for help for self-help for 60 years. And how do you celebrate best? With many, many emotions. And that resulted in a very special video for us.

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