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Explainer video examples

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The digital village square

The world is connected, but what exactly is happening on your doorstep? In the age of digitalization, the Crossiety app aims to connect neighborhoods again. We created a video to explain how this works. 

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The Adfinis Wizard in the Cloud World

The Adfinis Wizard simplifies DevOps pipelines, cloud development and open source systems. We explained it with a 90s style explainer video.

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“Living in style” with Pabio

We were faced with the challenge of presenting a completely new concept in an engaging way. In an animated video for Pabio we had to particularly focus on the motto "living in style". 

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Explainer Videos for all cases

Explainer videos are clips or videos that present a subject matter in a target group-oriented and appealing way. In other words, they are the perfect tool to counteract the sensory overload that has caused the human attention span to shrink by almost a quarter in 15 years. Explainer videos can be used for internal communication, social media or marketing and can contribute an important part to corporate design and employer branding. But what makes explainer videos so good at explaining?

  • Illustration of complex topics with the help of storytelling
  • Provision of all relevant product information in the shortest possible time
  • Specific targeting through the right medium
  • Combination of explanatory text and appealing moving images
  • Enthusiasm and appeal to the audience through successful user testing
  • Versatile application areas on different distribution channels

The perfect explainer video for your product or service

As a Swiss design agency, we place great emphasis on quality. Our goal is to present your product or service in an individual style – that’s the only way to make it truly perfect.

Luckily, we can draw on different styles of explainer videos for video production. For example, animating characters or objects for flat designs, like whiteboard animations, looks very different than for 3D videos.

So we can not only bring the content into the story and storyboard, but also capture the essence in the image.

As a Swiss design agency, we place great emphasis on quality. Our goal is to present your product or service in an individual style – that’s the only way to make it truly perfect.

Luckily, we can draw on different styles of explainer videos for video production. For example, animating characters or objects for flat designs, like whiteboard animations, looks very different than for 3D videos.

So we can not only bring the content into the story and storyboard, but also capture the essence in the image.

High quality

Individual style

Visual Storytelling

  • High quality

  • Individual style

  • Visual Storytelling

Olivier Ferilli | Product Manager
Cleverclip reduces the complex interrelationships through the visualizations to the essentials, so that the viewer quickly understands what is at stake. As expected, the collaboration with Cleverclip was pragmatic and uncomplicated. A big thank you to the whole Cleverclip team!

Olivier Ferilli Product Manager


FAQ about explainer videos

  • 1. What is an Explainer Video?

    Explainer videos are simple clips or videos to present a subject matter in a target group-oriented and appealing way. The length and style can vary greatly depending on the target group and channel. A Christmas greeting on social media will certainly look different than the explanation of a new internal process.

  • 2. How is an explainer video structured?

    An explainer video consists of three layers: Image, text and sound. The image describes everything the audience sees. This also includes written words or sentences. The text refers to the voice over, which is the spoken text. And for the sound, the video is accompanied by an audio track that includes background music and also individual sound effects.

    Usually, an explainer video is used to explain a complicated or complex issue. The most powerful weapon for this task? Storytelling. Storytelling has been around since the time of the first campfires. Stories are told and supported with gestures, facial expressions and other tools. Today, storytelling is still a way of telling stories, but newly supported with digital elements. In the production of an explainer video, storytelling is used on all three levels to get the message of the video to the target audience. If we work with jungle elements in the image level, then the sound and text levels must be equipped with jungle elements in exactly the same way. Only in this way does the storytelling work and only in this way does the audience remain attentive.

  • 3. What types of Explainer Videos exist?

    Since explainer videos are used in various industries, they are also available in many styles: Whiteboard animations, 2D character animations, 2D motion graphics animations, 2.5D animations, real films with or without graphic elements, stop-motion animations, 3D animations, to name the most common ones.

    Each type has its advantages and its suitable fields of application. Simple and to the point – whiteboard animation. Pompous and extravagant – 3D animation.

  • 4. What is the goal of an explainer video?

    With an explainer video, as the name suggests, you want to explain something. Explaining here means conveying a message to a clearly defined target group. You want to convince your desired audience. It doesn’t matter whether you want to present a new marketing strategy to management or introduce your pension fund to potential clients.

    The goal of an explanatory video must therefore always be that the target group does exactly what was conveyed in the message after watching it. You want to bring more people to your website? Then the video should arouse curiosity and present the website clearly. You want to strengthen the image of your company? Then you should communicate your values and your vision in a tangible way.

    In the end, it’s about a certain action or thought process that should happen after watching the video. If the thought or action takes place, then the goal has been achieved. Otherwise, the goal was not achieved and something was overlooked somewhere in the production process.

  • 5. What are Explainer Videos used for?

    Explainer videos have an infinite spectrum of possible applications. They can be used for every target group and every situation. They can even be adapted to the channel used, such as e-mail, website or social media. Explainer videos can therefore be used for internal training, the first product presentation, advertising, teasers at trade fairs, team presentations on the website, etc.

  • 6. How to make an Explainer Video?

    Advertising your brand or product and have finally chosen to use an explainer video to showcase your products and draw the attention of your target audience but are now at the point when you are thinking about how to make an explainer video? This is no need to worry. Making an explainer video for a brand’s product or services means that the video has to show the advantages of purchasing the product.

    There are 2 major things to be considered when creating an explainer video for your business.

  • 7. What are the advantages of an explanatory video?

    In recent years, explainer videos have been everywhere. So it’s not surprising that there are some advantages over other media. Here are our main advantages:

    Simplifying complex things

    The best way to communicate complex issues is through a combination of media. Explanatory videos are the way to go, as the combination of visual and auditory input increases comprehension and the possibilities of using digital elements on the topics to be explained are unlimited. A small graphic can do wonders to explain a process step, a model or a product.

    Video formats everywhere

    Video has taken over the market. The major social media have made images, but also videos, the most well-known media. Explanatory videos are therefore not only effective from an educational point of view, they are also very trendy.

    Competition with texts

    A picture is better than 1,000 words – and a video is better than 1,000 pictures. Explaining something with text alone is difficult. A graphic or an illustration helps a lot – and now it is imagined that the illustration is composed step by step and directly addresses each aspect. Textual explanations are certainly not going away, but they should be combined with their animated siblings as much as possible.

    Visiting time

    SEO keeps companies on their toes at all times. An important point: the time spent on a website. The question here is how to increase the time spent on the website and once again the answer is clear: explanatory videos. A video makes a stronger first impression on users and is therefore more likely to be watched. Two minutes of video seems shorter than two minutes of reading text. This way you can keep users for longer and increase the time spent on the site.

    Lasting impression

    A video can be engraved in the audience’s memory with visual or auditory elements. This way you create a lasting impression. This impression is influenced by the message and the quality of the explanatory video. If your company works with high quality videos, you can be sure that your audience will see the same quality in your products or services.


    This effect is strongest with iconic mascots or storylines that people immediately associate with a specific company. With explainer videos, even if it’s just one, you have the opportunity to greatly increase the recognition value of your company.

  • 8. How Effective Are Explainer Videos?

    Explainer videos can be supported with animations and graphic elements – the possibilities are almost endless. How effective an explainer video is therefore only depends on how well the video is adapted to the target group and the content.

    Explainer videos are also more effective at conveying information because we can absorb and understand visual elements faster than simple text – not to mention that visual elements are also more appealing and exciting.

  • 9. What makes a good explainer video?

    A good explainer video sounds like you and your company. It speaks directly to your target audience, convinces with emotional music and a captivating story and creates a lasting recognition value. A good explainer video sets you apart from your competitors and secures your place.

  • 10. How much do Explainer Videos cost?

    The more you create by yourself, the less an explainer video costs. If an explainer video is made professionally, the price depends on the company. The type, length and style are decisive for the effort and therefore the costs of the professionals. A lower limit for professional videos of average length can be set at 4’500CHF.

When an explainer video is not the only solution

Interactive content allows users to be actively immersed in the action, maximizing the effectiveness of the message. 81% of marketers believe that interactive content drives more engagement from viewers. What else is compelling? Take a look for yourself:

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  • Stronger brand awareness and loyalty to the brand through active participation
  • Longer dwell time of webpage visitors with higher conversion rates at the same time
  • Valuable data on customer behavior, e.g. by answering questions
  • Higher positioning in the search engine e.g. through backlinking
  • Appealing presentation of information and thus proof of your expertise

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